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The Hotels and Tourism Association of Swaziland is a non-profit organisation with members who are part of the tourism industry in Swaziland.

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Swaziland is perfect for hiking , there is wide range of hiking trails in a variety of nature reserves. These range form the striking mountain landscapes in Malolotja on one side of the country to the Lubombo mountains in Mlawula Nature Reserve on the other. The country is known not just for its beauty, but also for its safety. Malolotja (18 000 hectares) has been developed primarily as a hiking reserve and there are trails that range from a few hours to a week or so. There is an excellent new map using the latest computer generated landscaping that really does give an accurate view of the landscapes anfd the routes to be covered. There are hiking trails in Mlilwane and for the more ambitious there is the Ngwempisi Community Project - this has hiking trails through the wildly beautiful gorge on their land, accommodation is provided in lodges that are built into the landscape. Mlawula has trails that extend from the bushveld up the side of the Lubombo mountain range to the top where on a clear day there are views of the Indian Ocean in the distance. You can either book with reserves directly or contact companies like Swazi Trails who specialise in adventure sports.

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